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About us

Ryckevelde is a non-profit organisation promoting European citizenship, located in Bruges, Belgium. The organisation operates from the belief that peace in Europe - both in the past and future - depends on democracy in which citizens truly participate. This is why Ryckevelde empowers citizens, schools and adult organisations to be well informed European citizens with all necessary skills to participate fully in the European democracy. We work on this goal by offering trainings, workshops and debates and run actions, events and projects about the European integration process.

The organisation was founded as a ‘Centre of Europe’ by Karel Verleye in 1956. As a pioneer of the European cooperation, he was also co-founder of the College of Europe in Bruges in 1949.

As we are an organisation based in Flanders, most of our activities target a Flemish audience. However, we run several activities and projects for European audiences as well. We target both youngsters in education and adults.

Find out what we do and how to contact us or download our presentation folder.