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ECSA Belgium

Ryckevelde is the seat of ECSA Belgium.

ECSA stands for "European Community Studies Association in Belgium", a world wide expertise network on European integration, founded in 1987.

The purpose of the ECSA network is:

  • to promote higher level research and teaching on European Integration.
  • to promote cooperation between its member states, and to promote cooperation between different universities throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
  • to promote international programs of research, provide technical assistance, organize various conferences, all to stimulate academic cooperation in the study of the area of European integration.
  • to help spread the information on current university research and teaching activities related to European integration through publications and interactive networks such as the internet.

A brief overview of some activities organized by the ECSA network:

  • To spread information via website and electronic newsletter.
  • To organize (inter)national scientific congresses.
  • To organize "European days", meeting days for Erasmus students in their host country with emphasis on the added value of European integration.
  • To organize annual Award for the best master thesis on the EU, award for the best academic article on the EU and lifetime achievement award in European studies.
  • To spread information on study grants and job vacancies in the field of European studies.
  • To spread information to the broad public on the impact of the EU on the daily life of the EU citizens.
  • To organize debates, lectures, panel discussions and study days on the EU.
  • To serve as a contact point between the European Commission (DG Education and Culture) and the ECSA members (e.g. for spreading Calls for proposals).
  • Publishing of series of studies on the functioning of the EU
  • To collaborate with ECSAs from other countries.

Target group?
The target group of ECSA Belgium consists of professors, research fellows and students in the field of EU-research, who wish to reach the public with their scientific outcomes.

The ECSA network is organised on world scale and very diverse, both in terms of organisation and type of activities. The ECSA World-website gives an overvieuw of the activities and the ECSA members.

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